Maple Bay Farm - Frequently Asked Questions

What does NON-GMO feed mean?

People often asked us what NON-GMO means, so here's a short explanation. 

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) have had their genes (DNA) altered to act in a way that doesn't happen naturally and/or contains genes from other plant-based organisms. The 4 main genetically modified crops currently grown in Canada include canola, soybean, corn and sugar beets (white sugar beets for sugar processing). These crops are engineered to be either insect resistant or herbicide tolerant, and many now carry both traits.

Feed for chickens and ducks must have a certain amount of protein with traditional feed using soy or corn as the primary protein source, making it a highly modified product. Our custom, proprietary feed uses chickpeas, which are not a genetically modified crop, as it's source of protein. 

Many people who think that they can't eat eggs are in fact reacting to the feed that the birds have been fed. This was the case in our family, where a member of our family was having an increasingly severe reactions to eggs. We decided to change our regular feed to a GMO-FREE feed to see if it would make a difference and it did!  Since making the switch to GMO-FREE feed, all of us are once again able to enjoy our eggs. 

We do not feed our cattle any genetically modified feed either. 

Is there a difference between duck and chicken eggs? Can't eat chicken eggs?

Because our ducks and chickens are fed the same feed and free range on the same farm, they taste exactly the same. The difference between the two is the overall size, texture of the white (duck egg white is thicker than a chicken egg), yolk size is different with duck egg yolk much larger, and the enzymes.

Many people that think they can't eat eggs have only had chicken eggs and don't realize that it is the chicken egg enzyme that is bothering them. When they try duck eggs, they find that they don't have any issues at all because the duck egg enzyme is easier for them to digest. Many of our customers are in this situation and thrilled to once again be able to eat eggs!

Why have we installed a gate and fence?

We love to interact with you, our customers, and will continue to do so whenever possible, but because we now have 1400+ ducks roaming free, we had to implement a higher degree of biosecurity. We, here at Maple Bay Farm, don't keep our ducks in barns, so we had to install the fence and move the egg fridge further from the barns to give them room to roam and to keep them healthy and safe. We know that all of you want the same for them and thank you for adjusting so well to the revised set-up.

Why does chicken egg availability fluctuate?

Currently, we have 1400 ducks vs. 90 chickens. Under the current chicken egg licensing system, we are limited to a maximum of 99 chickens per year and require a license to have more. Because there are so many chicken egg providers, we have chosen to focus on duck eggs, which limits the number of chicken eggs that we have at any one time.

Factors such as molting, seasonal changes because we allow them to roam vs. keeping them in a climate controlled barn,  and the inability to replace aging birds due to the restrictions as mentioned above, all have an impact on production levels. We appreciate that it can be frustrating when eggs aren't available and is why we have moved to offering them only on Sundays on a first come, first serve basis. Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash and pre-arranged internet transfer payments. We do not accept cheques, debit or credit cards. When paying cash, please be sure to have exact change as we are not present at the time of purchase so no change is available.